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Sustainable growth

Grow your money safely and regularly by investing in high-profit third-party businesses.

Up to 10% monthly interest

Discover our investment plans with returns of up to 10% monthly and choose the one that best suits your needs.

5 years operating

Amati Bank will soon celebrate 5 years operating with closings above forecasts every year.

Total security

Only 15% of our assets operate in high-risk investments.

What is Amati Bank?

Amati Bank is a connection bridge between entrepreneurs who generate high returns and businessmen who want to make their capital profitable.

Amati Bank provides thousands of tax and financial advisory services to entrepreneurs and small businesses throughout Europe every year. This client portfolio has allowed us to establish a commercial network that can connect two very different worlds.

On the one hand we have entrepreneurs capable of generating high returns. These entrepreneurs mainly work in the world of crypto trading and investments, whether with intraday trading, investments in altcoins, NFTs and other cutting-edge digital assets.

On the other hand we have businessmen who want to access these profit margins but cannot do so for various reasons. Either because they do not have the contacts or knowledge necessary or because their capital is tied up in foreign companies to avoid taxes.

Amati Bank is the perfect symbiosis between these two worlds.

Active Accounts

Active Performance Provider Accounts: 21


Active Investor Accounts: 389


Follow in real time one of our accounts

Our account #06 is operated daily in real time and displayed through social networks

On March 24, 2024, we have started a new project to allow our investors to monitor in real time one of our accounts. Every day (or almost) new videos will be uploaded showing the trades of the account and the motivations behind it.

The goal of this channel is not only to show how Amati Bank generates its profits but also to show you how we do it. You will be able to learn and do it yourself.

Amati Bank Account: #06

Broker: IC Markets Global Seychelles

Account: 11108415

Leverage: 1:500

Initial Deposit: $100.00

Account Type: RAW Spread

Instruments: Forex, EFD's, Commodities

Transaction history: Go to Account #06 Page


The new way to invest or receive investors

Whether you are an investor or a profit generator, we can offer you great advantages

International coverage

We have collaborators in America, Europe and the Middle East both in fiat money and crypto currencies.

Mobile Banking

We use banking software that provides an intuitive user experience. Manage your investments with a single click.

Secure network

Investments are diversified sufficiently to ensure security even when one or more providers fail in their objectives.

Support 24/7

Our support team is available by Whatsapp 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in English, Spanish and Italian.

No KYC required

Your account at Amati Bank can be personal or offshore. You decide the degree of anonymity with which you wish to operate.

Crypto Exchange

Trade and invest in Euros, Dollars, Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Invest and withdraw in different currencies.

Amati Bank Accounts

Profit Provider

If your business is able to generate profits on a regular and consistent basis and meets the requirements listed here, then you can apply to be an Amati Bank profit generator and receive investments from our clients.

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If you are an investor interested in obtaining returns on your capital and you have read, understand and accept our Terms and Conditions, you can start your registration now. Your application will be reviewed and approved in just a few minutes.

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I am an Investor, how do I get started?

Register your account

Registering is free. You only need an email and a phone number and the process will be completed in less than a minute.

Wait for approval

This process will take less than 24 hours. If you have been invited by one of our partners the approval will be instantaneous.

Start investing

Now you just have to select the investment plan that best suits your needs and start making your money profitable from day one.

Withdraw your benefits

Withdraw your profit when your investment plans are completed or, if you need to, redeem your investments at any time.

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I am a Provider, how do I get started?

Contact our team

Contact us by any means and an account manager will contact you to begin the review process.

Wait for approval

Our team will review your business and we will confirm its suitability to join our program.

Receive funds

Your account will be created and the funds will be made available to your business on the agreed terms.

Withdraw your benefits

From your account you can configure the settlement terms and withdraw your benefit whenever you want.

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Is there a minimum deposit to open the account?

No. It is not necessary to make any deposit when opening your account at Amati Bank nor is it necessary to have a minimum balance in your account. However, each investment program may have its own requirements.

What information do I need to open my account?

To open your account you only need to tell us your name, email and a contact telephone number. Amati Bank will use this data to keep your account secure and to be able to restore your access to it in case you lose it.

Do I need to send my documents to open my account?

Investors invited by our partners will not have to provide any documentation. All other investors and profit generators will have to complete a KYC process before being able to operate with Amati Bank.

How secure is my account at Amati Bank?

Amati Bank uses strict control measures to ensure the security of every account. Customers can validate their KYC registration, track their account login activity, and use 2FA authentication, among others.

What currency will my Amati Bank account operate in?

The main balance of your account at Amati Bank will be displayed in US Dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR). You can convert this balance at any time to the cryptocurrencies available to deposit or withdraw funds.

Can I deposit or withdraw funds from any country?

Of course! From your Amati Bank account you can not only deposit or withdraw funds from any bank in the world but you can also do so using cryptocurrencies available to any wallet you want.

If you have any questions you can contact us now